Loan for Residual Debt Relief

A loan for the debt relief, that is the desire of many people who have survived the privation-rich period of private bankruptcy. Even with an exceptionally good income, this wish is seldom fulfilled by the house bank. A credit rejection is almost guaranteed. A small guide on how it can still work with the credit, which provides the contribution. See

Credit after the debt relief – problem private credit

Credit after the debt relief - problem private credit

Anyone who has to go through the personal bankruptcy dreams of the day when he finally gets rid of the debt. Paying back with a high-paying card or fulfilling a small loan request, such dreams help to persevere. A small loan, after debt relief, which should now realize this long-cherished dream. Unfortunately, the loan request will hardly be successful. Ordinary commercial banks reject the loan with reference to the negative private credit.

The insolvency proceedings and the discharge of residual debt are registered with private credit. This private credit entry has a serious impact on the creditworthiness. A deletion on request, as it is possible with paid loans, which does not exist. It takes three years until the negative entry from the private credit information is deleted. The entry of the residual debt exemption proves that creditors have lost their money to this debtor. Therefore, most credit institutions and goods senders refrain from renewed lending.

Credit despite personal bankruptcy

Credit despite personal bankruptcy

After the personal bankruptcy, most people have found their way back to normal life. They go to a regulated work and would actually – without the private credit entry – creditworthy. The cheapest alternative to obtain a loan despite personal bankruptcy, which requires a confidant. A family member acts as a borrower to the bank. The disbursed loan amount is passed on to the actual debtor. He takes over the loan repayment.

Advantage: A fast loan approval and moderate interest rates.
Disadvantage: The help of a confidant is required.

The right loan provider leads to success

The right loan provider leads to success

Another alternative for the loan after the remainder of the debt offer the services of a credit intermediary. A reputable credit broker can help you to use a loan without private credit. The private credit is not queried, the income conditions meet the requirements, a foreign loan is possible.

Advantage: Placement costs arise only with successful credit brokerage.
Disadvantage: The cost of borrowing is more expensive due to risk premiums and fees.

A cost-effective alternative to the professional loan broker offers the private loan. On your own, the loan request can be presented on one of the major platforms for “human to human credit”. Many investors use the platforms to avoid the negative savings book interest. Lend private investors at fair interest rates and are not tied to bank policies when lending. The loan after the debt relief is therefore realistic.

Advantage: Fair interest rates and fair credit opportunities.
Disadvantageous: pre-cost without credit guarantee.

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